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Personal Home Page Program - Your Own URL!

Your free Personal Home Page has a simple to remember, unique URL (Uniform Resource Locator). A URL consists of a string of characters that uniquely identifies a resource on the Internet. Your URL is unique to your specific page, and can be used by others to locate your Home Page.

Once you complete the application form you will be assigned a permanent address in one of our GeoCities neighborhoods, such as Hollywood, RodeoDrive, WallStreet, etc. Your page will be listed in the residential directory with your member name and directory listing.

Your URL will be generated from this address, and has the following format: http://www.geocities.club/neighborhood/address, where neighborhood is either Hollywood, WallStreet, etc., and address is your particular address, like 1030.

For example, a page at address 1030 in the Hollywood neighborhood would have the URL http://www.geocities.club/Hollywood/1030. (You can shorten this to www.geocities.club/Hollywood/1030, as most people know about the 'http://' part). Pretty easy!

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