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hello. you may know me from other sites. my name is "jr". i also go by "jrs" or "junior". it's based on my initals. i have a huge presence on old web revival sites simply because i like it. I do give a crap about how dumbly corporate and controlling the modern internet is, but that's in no way why i'm here. i just like the overall aesthetic of it. and not only that, but i stayed for the shared interests. it seems many people in this community share interests with me and i find it cool. that's why i'm still here. i'm actually on web 2.0 sites just as much as 1.0 revival sites, but i'm still a heavy lurker on web 1.0 revival sites. just look at any of those sites and you'll probably find me there. bye for now. get in touch by dming me on here or other places for now. so hang in tight yall.

Places to find me

  1. Blips
  2. , a faithful recreation of 2007 Twitter.
  3. YoreTude
  4. -- Hey, this is my website! It's a revival of YouTube from 2005. Watch me there if you want a never down source of my videos.
  5. Leopets
  6. which is private, but if you're not a member you can still look at my pet page. ;)
  7. My discord is DeIeted User#0060 (note capital i), add me :-|)
  8. I have a Scape05 account (Runescape 2005) and my username is jrs >:}
  9. Antique Penguin username is clubjunior
  10. SpaceHey
  11. , 2008 MySpace!
  12. Vistaserv
  13. , my other homepage! It's mostly a directory of sites similar to this one!
  14. Please Sign My Guestbook!
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